Recombined is in Post-Production

Recombined, written by Karen Sandler and based on her YA Sci-Fi Series The Tankborn Trilogy, is currently in post production. We have a rockstar Composer and VFX team that are working diligently to finish and help us launch our social justice short film. Special shout out of extreme gratitude to our 100+ generous supporters, the team at Canon Burbank for pre-production office space, and the Warner Bros. Studios/ Facilities team for making it possible to shoot at the Warner Bros. Ranch.

Enslaved by their genetics. Oppressed by their creators. Fighting for their humanity. Resistance risks everything.

In Recombined’s futuristic society, a trueborn ruling class has created and enslaved thousands of Genetically Engineered Non-humans (GENs). On a rare Rest Day, GEN Kayla gathers with a crowd of fellow GENs to celebrate the Infinite-blessed joining of GENs Tonk and Alia. Joy turns to fear when armed trueborn enforcers arrive to arrest Alia. An instant later, fear becomes terror when a bomb blast shatters the joining site. Kayla risks everything—her life, her very self—when she stands up to the enforcers to save a friend.

The title Recombined is a riff on recombinant DNA and the definition: to join together again. The main theme addresses what it means to be human, and the fight to rise up in a society that has become segregated on the basis of socio-economic status, the color of your skin, and how you were born.

Please enjoy the crowdfunding teaser that helped us fund as we put the finishing touches on Planet Loka.