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Scott Ainsworth is an award-winning Independent Motion Picture Editor and MPEG Local 700 Union Assistant Editor.  

Scott began his editorial career working on DME's first scripted pilot The Project. Upon graduation from Video Symphony, Scott started working as an Assistant Editor in reality programming, and has had the pleasure to work on The Voice, Pit Bulls & Parolees, Ancient Aliens, Top Chef, Beach Hunters, Mountain Men, Mountain Life, The Curse of Oak Island, and Toymakerz for networks such as NBC, The History Channel, A & E, The Travel Channel, BET, and E!  He currently works in scripted programming for ABC Signature, crossing over with The Rookie and you can now view his work on A Million Little Things.

His fluidity and editorial style is crossing over into scripted projects via DME's independent productions, and most recently in Sophia Bank's Award Winning Sci-Fi featurette Unregistered.

When not handling all things post production for Regina and their company, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, hiking outdoors, and practicing Wing Chun.

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