Recombined, written by Karen Sandler and based on her YA Sci-Fi Series The Tankborn Trilogy, is currently in post production.  We have a rockstar Composer and VFX team that are working diligently to finish and help us launch our social justice short film.  Special shout out of extreme gratitude to our 100+ generous supporters, the team at Canon Burbank for pre-production office space, and the Warner Bros. Studios/ Facilities team for making it possible to shoot at the Warner Bros. Ranch.

Enslaved by their genetics. Oppressed by their creators. Fighting for their humanity. Resistance risks everything.

In Recombined’s futuristic society, a trueborn ruling class has created and enslaved thousands of Genetically Engineered Non-humans (G...

Please enjoy this short compilation of Regina's work! 

Perchance to Dream is a digital supernatural horror short shot in the vein of Black Mirror.  Regina shot and completed this in less than 24 hours as a work proof of concept for a major studio pitch.

Regina has a long history with directing musicals, particularly stemming from her roots in both acting and directing for the stage.  This digital musical compilation features her original direction, and is set to the tune of Defying Gravity from Wicked.  Everything here is shot with no budget, and a mix of professional and first-time actors.  A longer compilation reel featuring excerpts of the actual songs is forthcoming.

DME LLC is committed to telling engaging stories that delve deep into the heart of complex characters.  We are passionate about filmmaking that explores social mores.  We currently have a sci-fi web series, a dramatic short, and a Virtual Reality short/series in development.  Please stay tuned for some exciting updates this year!

This short is Regina's first solo piece as a cinematographer.  Utilizing only her BMCC and a rented Canon EF 24-70mm lens, "Better Together" was a scripted experiment in optimization.  Shot completely MOS, and utilizing only available light, Regina focused on getting inside the heads of three millenials, who themselves are working out what it means to live in Los Angeles.

Restoration is a psychological drama where Sam, through the help of his Counselor, is forced to confront his inner demons.  In this final battle of his mind, Sam must choose to embrace peace, hope, and freedom, or else forever succumb to anger, apathy, and fear. This short screened in the 168 Film Festival at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.  

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